Tiny Dragon
Tanja Osswald


Last year I went to a sewing workshop and one woman there could not imagine what a crocheted dragon could look like. So, in the evening, I made her one.

Many thanks to snuffykin for proofreading and testing the pattern!

Materials List

yarn in two colors, appropriate hook, filling material. I used cotton with a 3mm hook.

Finished Size

Size depends on the yarn; mine is about 5cm (2inches) high.


Gauge is not important for this project.


All pieces are stuffed while crocheting (except arms, ears and spikes which are not stuffed at all). All yarn ends are hidden by pulling them into the softie.

The Pattern

BODY AND HEAD (make 1)

Work in spiral rounds. Make increases and decreases evenly in a round.

Start with magic loop or ch2 and work sts of Round 1 in 1st ch.

Round 1: Sc 6.

Round 2: Sc 2 in each st around. 12sc

Round 3: Increase six sts. 18sc

Rounds 4 - 6: Sc in each st around. 18sc

Round 7: Decrease six sts. 12sc

Round 8: Decrease six sts. 6 sc

Start of Head. Note: It gets stuffed a little less than the Body and yes, the Head is larger than the Body.

Round 9: Sc 2 in each st around. 12sc

Round 10: Increase six sts. 18sc

Round 11: Increase six sts. 24sc

Rounds 12 - 15: Sc in each st around. 24sc

Round 16: Decrease six sts. 18sc

Round 17: Decrease six sts. 12sc

Round 18: Decrease six sts. 6sc

Fasten off, leaving a tail of a few centimeters. Thread tail onto yarn needle and insert yarn through top front loops of last 6 sts. Pull tail tight to close hole.

Nose / Snout: Take a piece of yarn and thread onto yarn needle. Weave yarn through the stitches on side of head. Work yarn in a path shaped like a circle or 0. Pull yarn tight to make the snout shape.

EAR (make 2)

Work as row.

Make slst into the head where the ear will be, ch2, dc into the same stitch as the slst.

Dc directly into the head at a slight angle from the first dc, slst into the same place.

ARM (make 2)

Work in rows.

Row 1: Work 2sc directly onto the side of body where the arm shall be.

Row 2: Ch1 for turning chain, sc 2.

Row 3 (Claw): Ch3, slst into the 2nd chain, slst into the 1st chain. Slst into the sc below in Row 2. Ch 3, slst into the 2nd chain, slst into the 1st chain. Slst into the row below.

LEG (make 2)

Start by working in rounds.

Round 1: Work 7sc in an ellipse shape, directly onto the base of body

Rounds 2 - 3: 7sc

Now make a row.

Row 1: (Sc together one stitch with the stitch from the opposite side) x 3.

Row 2 (Claw): (Ch3, slst across chs 3x, slst into row below) x 3.

TAIL (make 1)

Work in rounds.

Round 1: Work about 10sc directly onto the body in a circle shape.

Rounds 2 - 9: Sc2tog at the top of the tail.


Work in rows, starting at the head.

Row 1: Work 2 or 3 sc directly onto the body, turn.

Row 2: Ch1 for turning chain, sc2tog (or sc3tog), turn.

Row 3: Ch1 for turning chain, work slsts along edge to the end of the spike.

Repeat Rows 1-3, making spikes along the head, body and tail, varying the sizes of the spikes to taste.


Make a slip knot, cut yarn and draw through. Knot it into the face slightly slanted.

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